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IRI Mission

The Informatics Research Institute has a mission in teaching, research and service. Some of these activities includes:

  • Develop interdisciplinary programs in informatics
  • Develop interdisciplinary degree programs
  • Develop and offer outreach programs.
  • Coordinate activities of various related centers on campus
  • Provide leadership in critical infrastructure protection
  • Develop educational programs
  • Develop infrastructures to support research in diverse fields.


The IRI charter includes development of interdisciplinary AA, AS, BA, BS, Masters and Doctoral programs.

The IRI coordinates the federally designated Center of Academic Excellence in Computer Security Education. The Center of Academic Excellence includes formal concentrations in Information Assurance at the undergraduate and graduate level in cooperation with NIATEC and CITI-MSSSL.

In addition, the IRI coordinates several nationally recognized certificate programs in information assurance including based on federal government standards.

  • Individuals interested in this program please click here to learn more. 

IRI Profile

The Informatics Research Institute provides a forum for cooperative research in a broad spectrum of disciplines. Currently there are Four Centers for Innovative Technology (CITI)

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