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While the Informatics Research Institute has been involved in a wide variety of projects, below are some of our core services we provide and a few of our projects to highlight them.


The Informatics Research Institute builds and hosts applications and databases to help researchers wrangle and share their data.


Wether it is a large collection of images in a natural history archive3D Models, or a trading network, the Informatics Research Institute builds tools to help visualize data.


We don't just build up tools to store and visualize data, we also help extract meaning from that data.  We have tools to take measurements from images or 3D modelsanalyze trading networks, and identify arrowheads.

Computer Security

The Informatics Research Institute hosts the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center a congressionally funded repository of information assurance teaching materials.

Informatics Support Courses

The Informatics Research Institute develops and maintains course materials to support other disciplines.