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Center for Innovative Technology
In Archeological Informatics

Idaho Museum of Natural History

The CITI-AI leads research in the organization and analysis of archaeological information. It creates and maintains active partnerships within the archaeological community and serves as an interdisciplinary center of activity uniting basic informatics research and modeling within the Informatics Research Institute, Idaho State University, and its affiliated faculty.


Our Role in the Discipline

  • For Researchers

    • develop intelligent heritage databases

    • develop neural agents to improve data classification and use

    • develop knowledge elicitation techniques for neural networks

    • develop effective online information networks

    • develop secure systems for managing heritage databases

  • For students, teachers, and the general populace

    • make archaeology, anthropology and environmental issues come alive

    • outreach to museums and other non-traditional learning venues

    • develop highly interactive user interfaces for online information systems

    • develop information rich multimedia products for education at the K-12 and university levels