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IRI Researchers Present International Papers

  • Archaeological Artifact Classification Using Computerized Agents demonstrates an artificial inelegance agent called SIGGI.  SIGGI can differentiate among several different types of Native American points.  The AACS aids archaeological investigators by providing an artificial expert in typological classification to the user. It examines digital images and returning a typological assignment.

  • Developing Archaeological Informatics: A Proposed Agenda for the Next Five Years is a paper that examines a  threat to archeological informatics in that data are frequently unsorted and unavailable to future research. In fact the number of existing data files are huge and daunting 
    While technological fixes are available the underlying problem lies in the fact that implementation is a social problem

  • The authors warn that unless an informatics approach is taken the result will be:
    • Wasted funding
    • Orphaned data left in
      • marginal,
      • decaying,
      • dead systems and formats
    • Data, information, knowledge, wisdom and understanding are lost to future researchers.
  • Researchers:
    • Lohse E S
    • Schou C D
    • Strickland A
    • Sammons D,
    • Strickland J,
    • Turley-Ames, K
    • Cady, Paul



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