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Ernest S. (Skip) Lohse is a Professor of Anthropology, Idaho State University, and Curator of Anthropology, Idaho Museum of Natural History. Skip was born and raised in northern California farming country, received his BA in Anthropology from California State University, Chico (1975), and then his MA (1977) and PhD in Anthropology from the University of Utah (1981). He has worked as a research scientist at the University of Washington (1982-85) and at the Smithsonian Institution (1985-89). He came to Idaho State University in 1989 and is delighted to make his home in the Northern Intermountain West. He is married to Dotty Sammons Lohse, an Associate Professor of Education, Idaho State University, and has three children, Sam, Keith and Gretchen. The family supports two dogs, a cat, and miscellaneous other animals.

Skip's hobbies revolve around outdoor activities with his family, highlighted by an addiction to soccer as coach and referee and woodworking.

Research Interests

I have done archaeological fieldwork in California, the Southwest, Great Basin, Columbia Plateau and Western Samoa. I am presently preoccupied with developing computer applications for database building, products for informal science education, and meaningful approaches for analysis of material culture. I am working with colleagues on developing an expert classification system for North American stone projectile points and I continue to recast the DIGITAL STONES CD-ROM for training stone tool analysts.

My fantasies, other than having my current select U-15/16 soccer team win the regional championship in Hawaii, is to have unlimited funding and time to explore traditional woodworking techniques. When not in the field or lab as part of my day job, my attention alternates between soccer fields and my woodworking shop. An analysis of symbolic content in premiereship soccer might be my next proposal.