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About the Editor

E.S. Lohse (1953 - 2014) was a Professor of Anthropology at Idaho State University, and curator of Archeology, Idaho Museum of Natural History.

In 2000, he created A Reader in Stone: Don Crabtree, an exhibit which traveled throughout southern Idaho (with partial funding from the Idaho Humanities Council.)

An accomplished flint knapper in his own right, Lohse is the author of Digital Stones: A Guide to Stone Tool Analysis and numerous reports, papers, and presentations on the stone tool analysis.

About IRI at ISU

The Informatics Research Institute (IRI) provides a forum for cooperative research in a broad spectrum of disciplines, including information assurance, artificial intelligence, database design and application, and automated classification.

The IRI staff has been instrumental in facilitation of collaboration among researchers, educators, archeologists, anthropologists, computer scientists, and psychologists from around the world.

About IMNH at ISU

The Idaho Museum of Natural History (IMNH) houses many of Don Crabtree’s manuscripts, films, and artifacts.

The Idaho Museum of Natural History is home to collections in anthropology, vertebrate paleontology, earth science, and the life sciences.

As the official state museum of natural history, it acquires, preserves, studies, interprets, and displays natural and cultural objects for Idaho residents, visitors, and the world’s community of students and scholars.

About A Reader in Stone

Don Crabtree: A Reader in Stone presents all of Crabtree’s written work and the five videos he produced on flint knapping, heat treatment, ancient weapons, and stone tool technology for the National Science Foundation.

The material on this disk is organized into two sections: videos and documents. Among the documents are Crabtree’s articles and monographs, as well as introductions by the editor, E.S. Lohse, to the 2000 IMNH Crabtree exhibit.

The five videos on this disk are compiled as WMV files and may be played on any computer.

  • Alchemy of Time
  • Ancient Projectile Points
  • Hunter’s Edge
  • The Flint Worker
  • The Shadow of Man

Instructions for Don Crabtree: A Reader in Stone

The documents on this disk have been reproduced with permission from the original publishers for viewing purposes only. The documents are reproduced in PDF format and may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader (available at The videos are reproduced from later-generation of VHS copies of the original films; picture and sound quality have been affected. They are now in WMV format, and play in Windows Media Player. Instructions for playing WMV files on a Mac can be found at: