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Practicum in Site Building

Welcome to the Pilot Site for Practicum in Internet/Intranet Site Building! Practicum in Internet/Intranet Site Building is an inter-session course offered at Idaho State University.

The goal of this site it to provide student with familiarity to the site design process. The site is supervised by Dr. Corey Schou in conjunction with faculty at the University of Texas

In order to facilitate your students' comprehension and retention, the course utilizes the Continuous Learning Model. This model is detailed in Making Connections - Teaching and the Human Brain, by Caine and Caine. The model is characterized as discuss, demonstrate, do, and evaluate.

Due to the nature of the course, some assumed knowledge is required. However, provided that your students have mastery of these basic, requisite skills, they should excel in the course work. The course is divided into logical units, called modules, based upon the technology that is being presented. While the modules are not necessarily dependent on one another, it is vital that your students master each module, in turn, in order for them to glean maximum benefit from the course. Additionally, since the course is Microsoft-centric, each module is focused on a particular Microsoft Tool or technology.

Additionally, the course has some required files and suggested readings. Additional references are suggested for the instructor. In the future we hope to provide online references such as a discussion board and/or a knowledge base.

Once you have visited this site and/or completed the course, we would appreciate feedback on improvements and enhancements. Our goal is to make this site be the best learning utility that it can possibly be. We need your feedback to accomplish this!

Once you feel ready, dive in and start with the modules!