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Unit Time

3 Hours


The goal of this module is to familiarize the learner with the basics of project development, in order to allow them to develop more dynamic, interactive instruction. Towards this end, the module addresses the project basics and technological paradigms necessary to develop a quality, interactive instruction and the associated project management.


Relevant Methodologies

[Bullet] The Statement of Work (SOW)
[Bullet] Developing Requirements
[Bullet] Planning Tasks and Setting Schedules
[Bullet] Developing Cross-functional Skills and Collaborative Systems Development

Relevant Technological Paradigms

[Bullet] The Explosive Growth of the Internet
[Bullet] The Internet and Intranets
[Bullet] Methods for Achieving Interactivity
[Bullet] Server Side vs. Client Side
[Bullet] Tools Used To Attain Interactivity


[Bullet] Developing a SOW for Acme Books
[Bullet] Developing a Set of Tasks and a Baseline Schedule
[Bullet] Organizing the Team Effort with Microsoft TeamManager
[Bullet] Utilizing Microsoft Project to Control the Tasks and Schedules


[Bullet] Develop a SOW for Acme Books
[Bullet] Develop a Set of Tasks and Baseline Schedule
[Bullet] Allocate Resources and Create Timelines Using TeamManager and Project